House in the Woods
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You may have read on the front page how I offer and bring Nurture to Power, your power. Here I'd like to add a few of my qualifications and knowledge areas and some personal details about my life, so you can know me a little better.


I am a certified Life Coach and coaching professional, and my gift is to connect with people who are striving for personal development. I am also currently engaged to be a recognised candidate for the "Trainer Certificate in Nonviolent Communications (NVC)".

My personal drive is to become an agent of peace and harmony and reach agreements, where there is currently conflict.


In my spare time I am a Justice Degree student, on my way to a Masters in Human Rights. I enjoy long walks and hikes, dance, read, play tennis or go mountain biking. You will often find me in the garden, trying to tame my jungle or sitting by the pool in deep contemplation. My partner and I like to travel and whether it is camping in Australia to find secret swimming spots or skiing down slopes in the Canadian Rockies, we like to feel the earth beneath our feet.


We live cosily in the Hinterlands in Byron Bay, Australia.  Our home has an open-door policy, and we love welcoming friends and family.


To simplify connecting with you, I offer Zoom sessions but if you are close by, I am also available for face-to-face sessions in my beautiful retreat home to coach and consult with you on your personal growth journey.

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