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Welcome to my "Repair, Restore and Mend" Program
Holding Hands

In a world of conflict looking for peace and harmony? Are there relationships you need to repair or agreements to reach? Let's get clear about your needs and how they can get met. 

All conflict starts with inner conflict. The best time to resolve conflict is at the beginning - I Ching

Conflict and the associated emotions of frustration, anger, hopelessness and despair are tragic expressions of one's unmet needs. These kinds of struggles are often judged as power struggles, tantrums, unreasonable behaviours and amongst a great variety of other labels.

Whether the conflict or challenge you are facing involves one or more people, the best place to start is with oneself. The I-Ching teaches us that most conflict is "inner conflict" and therefore it is advisable to start with oneself to resolve any conflict with the outside world. In our sessions I will be by your side and nurture the healing required to ease up on conflict and challenges and find solutions that meet everyone's needs.

I am a NVC (Nonviolent Communication) practitioner and my approach, aligned with the Marshall Rosenberg's Nonviolent communication differs as it addresses feelings, needs and requests based on observation. Nonviolent communication is amongst other names often referred to as empathic or compassionate communication. It differs from other forms of communication by accurately observing what is happening now, express the emotions that are created and focusing on crystallising your un-met needs and lay them bare. Once we have established those, we focus on finding meaningful actions to repair and resolve situations and make sure needs are met. 

This trusted method is the foundation of good-will, understanding, and healing in your life.

Overview of the Repair Program

Read here how I can bring nurture and empathy to resolve conflicts and restore harmony with the aid of the Nonviolent Communications method:

NVC (Nonviolent Communication) benefits relationships, personal growth and promotes a happier more full-filling life when we live on the outside what is truly alive within ourselves.

I call it a discovery call, where we meet and start to get to know each other. In these calls I also would like to discuss what would support your current challenges and may make some initial suggestions. 

I like to prepare for these calls and have put together questionnaires to try and suit your needs. Please review the questionnaires below and if possible, please send ahead of our scheduled call (at least 48 hours before):

At this point you may want to know more about NVC (Nonviolent communication) and you are welcome to check out the links below or contact me directly to discuss which of the training and workshops in NVC suit your current situation:

Making Requests 


"Please only do what I have requested if you can do so with the joy of little children feeding hungry ducks.

Please do not do as I requested if there is the slightest bit of fear, resentment, guilt or shame motivating you - that would be too costly for us both." - Marshall Rosenberg