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My "From Doormat To DreamGirl - 7 Step Program" is available through workshops and coaching sessions and specifically designed for women. They are created so you can step out of relationship ruts, leave behind unhealthy patterns and behaviours or get over painful rejections and start your personalised journey. The coaching sessions and workshops are hands on, engaging, and filled with exercises including role playing, picking the past to bits, and creating individual plans to move into a shiny new future with a confident and inspired you. 


Relationships can be painful—the constant hot and cold and incessant back and forth can drive anyone into a miserable mental and emotional place. Like many, I’ve gone through numerous iterations of my own relationship patterns and have to admit that I did things which put me in the category of what I term a 'Doormat'. Luckily, I found my path out of the pain cycle and have taken the learning to create fun inspired talks and workshops for women to break their relationship patterns and hurtful cycles and get in touch with their own version of ‘DreamGirl’.


I invite women to become the best versions of themselves they can be. It takes willingness, courage, a sense of curiosity and making yourself important to take the first step. It may be a challenge to unveil what is truly inside you, but we'll do it together and we'll discover the DreamGirl inside you and put her in charge of your destiny.


Either meet me on Zoom or join me in my idyllic tropical property in the Byron Hinterlands to learn and practice new ways of being, enabling you to stride through life and be in touch and identify yourself with the glorious parts that want to shine.


I can't wait to meet you!

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The Doormat to DreamGirl Programs
  • This DreamGirl Program includes 12 Coaching Sessions over 6 Months

  • The DreamGirl Program includes 6 Coaching Session over 3 Months

  • From Doormat to DreamGirl - intense transformation long weekend


  • Heartbreak Rescue includes 4 Coaching Sessions over 2 Months

I have prepared a couple of quizzes and a questionnaire for you: