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Welcome to the Pathfinder Program

The Pathfinder program has been created for those who are serious about their pursuit of happiness, fulfilment and growth. Together we tailor a program that will suit your current needs based on the information you provide.  


Are you willing and keen to work on your self-development, grow and become the best version of yourself but lost on the path? Unsure, stifled or confused on the path to personal growth? Too much on offer, no accountability, no follow through?


You don't exactly know which direction to go and feel overwhelmed by the selection available of self-help books, workshops, retreats, therapies and the plethora of advice and input coming from the internet? Friends, family and often complete strangers giving you well-meaning, interesting yet conflicting information.

There are many reasons why some of us are getting lost on the path, lose motivation and give up, leaving us feeling dejected. We'd like to work on our self-development, achieve goals, get rid of detrimental behaviours and feelings and feel great about ourselves.

We know that Self-actualised people are those who are fulfilled and doing all they are capable of. They have a desire for fulfilment and discover their potential. Self-actualised people also are aware (at times acutely) as to what keeps them from becoming.

And yet, self-help books, workshops, therapies galore aren't making the choice easier as to which path to take to self-actualisation.

Becoming happy, satisfied, confident, calm, resilient, are just a few of the states people long for and they will put in the effort to reach or become these states of being. At times all the effort doesn't seem to bring the results and sometimes they find themselves going in a direction that has left them more confused, anxious or disillusioned. 

There is a lot on offer and from the uninitiated it looks like a jungle. Many dabble and give up; others keep trying to get a clear idea of which way to go and only some find it.

Here is where I step in and become your pathfinder. 

How Does The Pathfinder Program Work?




We meet via a free discovery call (Zoom or Mobile) and have an in-depth conversation about where you are at, and where you want to be. 




In the follow on session, I will have prepared a draft journey for you and together we discuss and tailor the journey to fit your specific needs:

  • Books

  • Workshops

  • Therapies

  • Free webinars

  • Practices




We plan the best fitting structure (or no structure) for our journey. When to meet, what we discuss, how we'll approach challenges and how we celebrate achievements.

A structured approach may look like this:

  • Discuss your current state of being

  • What worked what didn't

  • What to do more of

  • What to do less

  • Review your assessments of books, workshops etc

  • Celebrate your achievements




In the in-between time where you travel on your now clear path and the regular or irregular check-ins, I will be available for feedback, conversations and encouragement

  • Reminding you of your reasons and your why

  • Talk about current situations that keep you from your journey

  • Talk about situations that impact your ability to stay the path

  • Celebrate the achievements along the way

And the day came where the pain of remaining in a tight but was more painful than the risk it took to bloom - Anais Nin