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Welcome To An Overview of My Programs

I have developed my Pathfinder, DreamGirl (7 Step Program) and Repair programs alongside my coaching practice. In my programs I integrate coaching principles, methods and tools which are successful in achieving your outcomes, whether the outcomes are self-improvement goals, reaching agreements, resolve conflicts - having your needs met which includes tangible, material things.

In my experience we are seekers of happiness and contentment in our lives. To achieve this, we define what it means for us to be in a happier more fulfilled state. To maintain these states, we seek to transform our lives and bring to the forefront abilities and traits to live our values and ideals or restore our ideals and develop the resilience and emotional and physical attitudes to maintain them.


To simplify this, we essentially are happy beings, and we can learn ways to deal and cope with what live throws at us to return to fulfilment and happiness. 


My programs can be tailored to fit your specific needs and wishes, which we will unearth in our discovery call and further define in follow up sessions.These sessions are tailored to your specific requests and are structured to create safety and comfort for you (and I). Some of us may require more structure and others may require less structure and more freedom. We will find the right fit for you to share and flow on your journey and accommodate your process and structural needs. Here are some examples:


A flowing session may start with talking about what felt good, what worked, what didn't work in the past. Exploring together options to tweak my program and suit your particular needs. We may take little notes but use the follow-on sessions to affirm that you are on the right path and ground you in your motivation to continue with your journey. Best suited for the Repair Program and tailored or initial coaching sessions.



A structured session may include providing verbal or written feedback on specific tasks which we agree on in our discovery call. We also review what worked what didn't, what are the current highlights and what are the obstacles. Based on this we tailor the journey to the evolving needs. (Best suited for Pathfinder, Repair and DreamGirl)



A mentoring session may include information I provide referencing a specific knowledge area. We discuss the information and how it can suit your needs and wishes to grow and learn. At times you may want to share new learning with me, and we explore together how the new knowledge affects you and how it can assist to become happier, healthier humans. (Best suited for Repair, DreamGirl and individual coaching sessions)



A consultation my include information on how to achieve a specific goal or a set of outcomes which includes specific defined steps and tasks. (Best suited for Pathfinder and Discovery Calls)



Workshops and retreats are offered throughout the year and are designed around specific topics, e.g., Doormat to DreamGirl workshops. These workshops will inspire you and add to your motivation to continue on your path of self-development.

The workshop/retreats are more intensive and involved, yes, but they are also a fast track to learning and growth. Workshops are an easy way to meet new people, share experiences, learn in a group through conversation, role-play and other prepared methods. Workshops are ideal for those who would like to immerse themselves into a subject matter and delve deeper.

You will meet new people, who are on the same path and share experiences and throughout our sessions and in the workshops, you may be sharing a lot of information about yourself and your life.  Our sessions are treated as private and confidential and every human is treated with respect, care and understanding.


I won't provide a diagnosis, a critique or judgement. Those things are left at the door when we enter into our space together. These sessions are about you, your life as magical and vivid as it is, and I'll bring the nurture, the care, and curiosity to our space.

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Unsure, stifled or confused on the path to personal growth? Too much on offer, no accountability, no follow through? Let's do this together and carve out a clear path for your journey. 

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Relationships not working, always the doormat and not in charge of your life. Let's get int touch with the Dreamgirl inside you and put her in charge of your destiny! 

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Holding Hands


In a world of conflict looking for peace and harmony? Are there relationships you need to repair or agreements to reach? Let's get clear about your needs and how they can get met.